Blu-Tec Riparazioni Navali

Blu-Tec Naval Repairs

Blu-Tec carries out revisions of the propulsion equipment present on different types of ships, guaranteeing ordinary and emergency operations in the port of Naples, in Italy and abroad, ensuring safety and reliability. We carry out repairs on motor ships and turbo ships (passing, service, military) in the dock, quay and navigation. Our company is able to perform works of general mechanical and precision by using portable machine tools, exploitable directly on site (bores on rotation hinges of stern ramps, cranes positioned on ships and rotation hinges in general, etc.) , using qualified personnel.

  • Maintenance interventions on different systems of handling of lifeboats, royal ladders, provisions, monorail containers, engine cranes, including overhaul of electric motors, centrifugal and manual brakes, cable glands, reducers, various levers, electric panels;
  • Air / oil refrigerant cleaning work in special washing tanks;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations on main propulsion engines (WARTSILA, SULZER, B & W, etc.);
  •  Diesel-generator revisions (MTU, CATERPILLAR, MAC, DEUTZ etc.);
  • Turbocharged thermal motor compressors;
  • Total revolutions of propulsion and directional propellers;
  • Technical assistance of the parent company on axis line, rudder axis, lifters and plunger etc.;
  • Revision of various mechanical parts (main and auxiliary engine air coolants, condensers, various types of remote controlled and manual valves, bilge separators, etc);
  • Repair of mooring and tonnage organs (cable rollers, mooring winches and windlasses etc.);
  • Repair interventions on boilers and economisers;
  • Construction and assembly of naval metallic carpentry;
  • Revision of electric motors in general and alternators, including the restoration and renewal of the management system, alarms and generators;
  • Realization of electrical panels in general;
  • Fiber-optic networks for LAN and dedicated systems (eg ultrasonic anemometer);
  • Insulation works in general with certified thermo-acoustic materials (boiler local economizer purifiers, transverse and longitudinal bulkheads with different classes of insulation;
  • Repair of lifting and handling systems with linear and circular hydraulic actuators (crane, travel lift, etc.);

Mainly Blu-Tec s.r.l. is engaged in the sector of partial and total revision of the engine equipment present on different types of ships.
Here are some of the actions carried out on propulsion engines with units on the quay, dock or in navigation:

√ Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on D / G (24000-36000-48000-60000-72000-84000 running hours maintenance on WARSILIA W32, W12V46, W6L26, W38 a / b, Vasa32, etc.);
√ Revision work on SULZER, B & W, MAN, MAC, MTU, DEUTZ, CATERPILLAR engines, etc.