Blu-Tec performs mechanical works in the industrial repairs sector for large and medium-sized enterprises, designing and carrying out mechanical works on machine tools (milling machines, drills, lathes, stationary and post-operative boring machines), metal structural work (Brackets, Pipe Carriers, Cable tray, Small Carpentry), works of piping, electrical works (Designs and realizations electrical panels of command and control and automation of command / control and automation on load handling systems (Monorail, Crane deck, Engine crane, mooring car, etc.) cleaning air / oil coolers in special washing tanks, thermal and acoustic insulation works of industrial implants and also mechanical and carpentry maintenance work on TBM drilling machines for tunnel construction.

Below there is a list of all industrial repair services:


  • Construction and assembly of industrial sheds;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on thermal engines;
  • Assembly of industrial implants and machinery;
  • Construction and assembly of industrial metal carpentry;
  • Mechanical and carpentry maintenance work on TBM drilling machines for the construction of tunnels;
  • Construction of tanks including pipes with different diameters and different nominal pressures (Ped certification);
  • Maintenance control system and Power Pack alarms;
  • Fiber-optic networks for LAN and dedicated systems (eg ultrasonic anemometer);
  • LAN networks according to ANSI / TIA / EIA-568-B.2-1 standards;
  • Insulation works for implants, in general, with certified thermo-acoustic materials.